Blood, Rage, and Paradox

Winter Wolf

Garou of the Glacier

Lela Cam is approached by Amelia Hodge who urges her to start taking part in Garou affairs, relating that the Wendigo still feel if they had come to the Croatan's aid, maybe the Tribe wouldn't have fallen. Amelia explains that she's heard rumors that scientists at the Sault Ste Marie Museum have been studying a recently excavated werewolf frozen in a block of ice. Following a few encounters with a homeless man, Lela returns to the museum overnight to discover an open door. She goes inside and encounters 3 Black Spiral Dancers accosting a pair of scientists over the frozen Garou. As the BSD's attack the scientists, Lela shifts and attacks them from behind. She is joined by Lifts-His-Leg-To-The-Wyrm and the two manage to take out the BSDs, however, the scientists were mortally wounded. Lela took the ice encased Garou into the Umbra while Lifts rigged the room to catch fire and destroy the evidence. In the umbra, the fire spirits begin to melt the ice. 



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