This is a multi-campaign setting, in the process of being built using the classic World of Darkness universe. I intend to update canon materials as well as materials I have used in previous campaigns to update the current World of Darkness. First couple of games are going to fall under the werewolf umbrella. 

A Broken Nation

Albrecht, the last Gaian king, is dead and the Garou Nation is broken like never before. Without an heir, the King decreed with his dying breath that Mari Cabrah would take his throne. Mari reluctantly agreed and though she now wears the Silver Crown, many Garou still contest her claim. The Silver Fangs and Get of Fenris have broken ties, forming their own alliance in Eastern Europe. Suprisingly, however, Margrave Yuri Konietzko has thrown the support of the Shadow Lords in with the new queen. Will this divide be the final rift before the Apocalypse tears the world apart?

~The Phoenix Order

A vast majority of what was once the Garou Nation at least claim to swear allegiance to the new queen. Viewing Albrecht's death as a fulfillment of prophecy, and seeing others scoff as this group continued to refer to themselves as the Garou Nation, the new regime has taken to calling themselves the Phoenix Order. Based in New York City, the Phoenix Order currently controls most of the caerns in the Americas and Western Europe. 

~The True Garou Nation

Though most outsiders refer to them as the Old Garou Nation, those Garou who have refused to follow Mari Cabrah's rule seem devout in their belief. While dominated by Silver Fangs and Get of Fenris, there are members of every tribe represented in the alliance. The traditionalists may be fewer in number, but their desperation for recognition is beginning to show and while outright hostilities have not yet commenced, only a fool would believe that peace can last. 

Blood, Rage, and Paradox

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